Clean Your Mac Automatically With Hazel

Cleaning is always a painful job. It takes a lot of time and effort to search unwanted files and to clean. A machine always needs your attention to clean its residues and unwanted files. For Mac OSX we luckily have Hazel. Automatically clean your messy desktop with this automated file management utility Hazel. Hazel is your personal file manager, organizer, and folder cleaner based on rules you define. It can also manage your trash and uninstall applications. It can open, archive, set color labels and add Spotlight comments. The program is very simple to use and very effective for work. The scheduling feature of Hazel is a real time saver to clean your files on a particular time. If you are a heavy user and Mac is constantly getting waste files Hazel simplifies your job.

Hazel features new actions to import your files into iPhoto or iTunes. Keep your media in line. Add to your library or a particular playlist or photo album. You can easily schedule empty your recycle bin; you don’t have to empty it by hand. It will automatically recover space in your Downloads folder.

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