New Adblock Plus App for Android released

New Adblock Plus App for Android released: A new version of the Adblock Plus app for Android has been released after Google started to block ad blocker apps from its Play Store.

Adblock is very popular for blocking unwanted advertisements in apps. Adblock Plus Android was removed from the Google Play Store on March 14, due to it was breaching the Google Play Developer Program Policies. The users are excited to welcome the new version of the program with some more improvements to block annoying ads in websites. As it hugely impacted the revenue of the Google (about 99% of Google’s revenue is from advertisements), they are still looking for the ways to stop the new AdBlock with improved functions.

Here it has two sides. For the bloggers who use ads on their website for earning will be affected by this kind of ad block apps and naturally Google will lose a considerable percentage of the revenue. In other hand, the users who need to get rid of the annoying ads in their browsing sessions, thanking the AdBlock Plus app. So, it is still hidden what features they have included in the new release and will Google be able to again block them.

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