Get Complete Control on your Android in Browser using AirDroid

Get Complete Control on your Android in Browser using AirDroid: Today’s smartphones come with a number of useful features to use. AirDroid is an application that allows you to take complete control of your Android device via your computer’s Web browser. Airdroid allows you to perform a lot of useful features over a Wi-Fi connection. You can easily transfer files between Android devices and computers. Install and Uninstall apps from browsers interface. You can drag & drop files, cut, copy, paste, search, rename or delete files on the SD card.

Installation Steps:
1.Just go to the Google Play store and search using term AirDroid in the Search box.
2.Install the app on your device and open it.
3.When you open the app in your phone it asks for authentication to connect to your Web browser.

Airdroid screenshot 3
4.Open your browser and enter the web address or IP address in your browser like an above-given picture. or You can scan QR code or enter the password.

Airdroid thetechhacker
5.A beautifully arranged AirDroid UI appears in the browser.

Airdroid Multiple Desktops
Enjoy start using AirDroid.


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