How to Restore an Older Version of App after Bad Update

Every App designer regularly update his/her App for improvements in performance and Bug fixing. So regular app update is a necessity to stay up to date with the latest improvements and functions. In other situations like app crash or stuck screens also demand an app restoration or update. So, in this article on How to Restore an Older Version of App after Bad Update, we are sharing the method to do so.

You can easily restore the Older version app by using Crashplan. Crashplan is a famous online backup service. It is an award-winning onsite, offsite and online backup service. If you put an automatic update option in your phone and accidentally it crashes the app don’t worry first backup your apps in Crashplan. Follow these steps to make a backup of your app.

Setup CrashPlan to Restore Old version of apps in Future

  1. Open CrashPlan and click restore tab.
  2. Change the date at the bottom of the panel to a time before the app updated.
  3. Search the backup for the application you want to restore.
  4. Check the box to the left, and click restore. Crashplan can then overwrite the new app and you will get the successfully restored version of the app.

via Joshua Topolsky

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