Boot Linux from your Android Phone using DriveDroid

Boot Linux from your Android Phone using DriveDroid: Troubleshooting is common for everyone who owns a PC or Laptop. If your PC or Laptop totally crashes and you don’t have any Bootable media with you truly it is a nightmare. DriveDroid solves your problem. With DriveDroid, you don’t need to bother about Bootable media and can use the gadget you carry with you all the time: Your Android phone.

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DriveDroid allows you to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This is ideal for trying Linux distributions or fixing a rescue system on the go. To install DriveDroid on  your device the device must be Rooted first. DriveDroid relies on the kernel of Android, in particular, the USB Mass Storage (UMS) feature. It allows your phone to act as a USB-drive and have a device (SDcard) or file (ISO/IMG) be used as the content for that emulated drive. The process is very easy to start and ends with fun. It is one of the best apps to turn your Android into a Linux booting machine. Follow below steps Boot Linux from your Android Phone using DriveDroid.

Boot Linux from your Android Phone using DriveDroid thetechhacker2

Boot Linux from your Android Phone using DriveDroid thetechhacker2

How it works:

  • Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Download an image file (.iso or .img) or create one. You can choose from the popular distros like Arch Linux, Gentoo, Crunchbang, FreeBSD, and more.
  • Select the image file in DriveDroid to let your phone ‘host’ the file over USB.
  • (Re)start your PC and make sure the correct boot priority is set in the Bios.
  • The image should now be booted on your PC.
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