Get Android 4.2 Quick Settings on any device using AntTek Quick Settings

Get Android 4.2 Quick Settings on any device using AntTek Quick Settings: Updating latest firmware on phone is fun. But some phones don’t have latest firmware compatibility option. Reasons like low processing speeds and slow RAM are stopping to get the latest updates. If you want to try Jelly Bean like settings on your old Phone AntTek Quick Settings is here.

AntTek Quick SettingsAnTek Quick Settings Action Picker

According to some researchers, only 2% of Android phones are capable of running 4.2. AntTek Quick Settings is available for any Android device running 2.1 or later. It is a free application provides not only the standard Quick Settings options, but also a ton of more. It is also very useful for who have latest phones. It has built in configured settings such as Bluetooth, GPS, auto-rotate, and brightness, and works without any user-defined options. You can customize each toggle with over 75 actions available. Overall it is very good app. It has almost everything you could want in the customization of settings in your Android.

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