How to Optimize and Clean WordPress Database

How to Optimize and Clean WordPress Database: Sometime, WordPress sites become slow. When you uninstall a Plugin or Theme it will leave some traces in you database. And sometimes it gets filled with unnecessary files and spam comments.  All you need to Optimize and Clean the Database. There are a number of plugins available to clean WordPress Database. Personally, Thetechhacker recommends WP Clean Up plugin.

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Follow these steps to clean WordPress Database:

  1. From WordPress Dashboard go to plugins section and Click on Add new plugin.
  2. Search for WP Clean Up plugin and install it.
  3. After you’ve installed activate the plugin. Next, you’ll find it’s settings under your Settings menu.
    WP Cleanup 3
  4. It shows the types of data that can be deleted from your database like revisions, drafts, auto drafts, spam comments, moderated comments, trash comments.
    WP Cleanup 4
  5. Select and delete the items that you want to get rid of. Alternately, you can just use the “Delete All” button.

Now you have a super cleaned WP Database.

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