Backup your Tweets Using twDocs

Backup your Tweets Using twDocs: twDocs is a simple way to Backup or Archive your tweets. twDocs exports selected parts of your Twitter to your choice of file formats PDF, Word, XML, CSV, plain text, HTML, or Excel. If you want to export your latest tweets, twDocs will ask you to input the number of tweets you would like to have stored. The default number is 200, and the max is 3200. then press the “Go” button.

Backup your Tweets Using twDocs UI

Backup your Tweets Using twDocs Authorization

twDocs ask you to Authorize the app to access your twitter account. After successful authorization you will then return back to the twDocs home page. Now you can download tweets automatically.If you want to change the appearance of your exported files, find the Click here for advanced options. Overall it is a good service to Backup or Archive your tweets.

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