How to open Multiple Links in Google Chrome

How to open Multiple Links in Google Chrome: There is lot of information on the web. When we open a website to see or learn something lot of correspondent links appear. Normally we need to open each link individually. But using Linkclump you can open multiple websites with one click.


After downloading installing Linkclump to open multiple links you need to hold the right mouse button and draw a box around the links you want to open. After highlighting the links, you should now see these links open in a new tab within the same browser window. It can also save links as bookmarks or copy them to the clipboard. To do this, you’ll need to go the Settings page again and create a new action by clicking on Add Action. You have to assign different mouse actions to under Action section, choose Bookmarked or Copied to Clipboard. It is very useful extension to open multiple links in fastest way.

Download Linkclump for Chrome

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