Remove Unwanted Formatting from your Clipboard Using TextScrub

Remove Unwanted Formatting from your Clipboard Using TextScrub: When you wanted to copy something, clipboard carry’s text along with its color, font size, and color. If you don’t want all these stuff when paste TextScrub is the solution.

TextScrub UI

Using TextScrub you can easily avoid unwanted styling, fonts and colors. TextScrub stands by its own and it doesn’t interfere with your Mac’s built-in clipboard system and shortcuts. If you copy a text, it will remain as it is in your clipboard until you activate TextScrub. It completes in three steps process copying, TextScrubbing and pasting. It also has additional features like Text Substitutions, Removing empty lines and Bullet points lastly Normalizing white spaces. Overall it is a good app and it costs about $3.

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