Share Files Between Mac and Windows using Filedrop

Share Files Between Mac and Windows using Filedrop: Everyone using one or more computers in the Home. Sharing files between Mac and Windows somehow difficult in past times. Mac comes with the feature of Airdrop, it only allows sharing files between Mac to Mac on the same Wi-Fi network.

Filedrop Working

Airdrop automatically discovers nearby computers and allows you to share files between them using drag & drop. Filedrop is a free app available for Mac and Windows. It searches other computers running Filedrop within network and supports sharing files between Mac and windows using drag and drop facility.

Installing Filedrop

How it Works?

  1. Install Filedrop on all computers that you want to use it. (Same Wi-Fi network)
  2. Once it detects the other computer the app allows you to drag and drop files to it.

When you want to send a file, a popup appears at the recipient’s end asking for permission to accept or decline like same way in Bluetooth. To view all downloaded files click on Download button. iPhone and Android versions are coming soon. Overall it is a very good app for file sharing between Mac and Windows.

Download FileDrop.

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