Get Facebook Home on Any Android Phone

Get Facebook Home on Any Android Phone: Facebook Home is already officially released. But works with some high-end devices only. But if you are very eager to try Facebook Home on your Android mobile XDA Developers Forum tweaked the apk so it’ll work on any Android device.

Facebook Home is an Android launcher and comes with features like Cover Feed, Notifications, Chat Heads and App launcher. You can directly download the customized apk file from below given links. Before you install completely uninstall all the Facebook related apps on your device like Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Go!Chat for Facebook and etc. Installation of Facebook Home is very easy and simple process, just follow these steps to install.


Steps to follow:
1.Download and extract the Facebook Home.
2.Install both the Facebook and Facebook Home APKs on your device.
3.Visit the Facebook app settings page (Home > Settings > Facebook) and check ‘enable’ next to Facebook Home.
4.Download the Facebook Messenger with Chat Heads fix, and extract and install it.

The first two APKs from the first archive are modified to get Facebook Home on your device, but the new Chat Heads feature won’t work. The second APK fixes Chat Heads so it works on any phone.

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