Upload Photos Instantly from Desktop to Imgur using MyImgur

Upload Photos Instantly from Desktop to Imgur using MyImgur: Imgur is a very popular photo sharing service growing in popularity. Imgur is very useful in posting photos on Twitter, Email and Instant message services. Now you can easily upload photos from desktop to Imgur using MyImgur desktop client.

MyImagur theteechhacker

MyImgur is a very simple easy to use app. It supports guest uploads means you don’t need any account to configure app.using app you can easily capture capture the portion of your screen and upload it. You can just start the portable version of the program or install it on your PC. The program can display the image you have uploaded last in the program. If you have account in the program you get additional options like saving images to albums.

If you are regular user of Imgur this tool will defiantly help you.

Download MyImgur.

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