Display All Tabs in Tiles using Firefox Add-on Tile Tabs

Display All Tabs in Tiles using Firefox Add-on Tile Tabs: If you are using a Widescreen monitor and take full advantage of it in browsing just install Tile Tabs Add-on in Firefox. Now a days monitors comes with the 1920×1080 pixels and ratio of 16:9 widescreen. When you open a browser window you can see the empty space on both sides of webpage. Using Tile Tab Add-on for Firefox you can easily view webpages in tiles of your choice. Tile Tabs allows an unlimited number of tabs to be tiled within the Firefox tabbed browser content area.

Tile Tabs UI

Tiles can be arranged horizontally, vertically or in a grid. Layouts can be created and tabs can be tiled individually above, below, left or right of the active tile. Tiles are arranged in groups – where all the tiles in a group have the same width or same height. It is a must have add-on for Firefox users.

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