Get Regularly Stay in Touch with Important Contacts using Luper

Get Regularly Stay in Touch with Important Contacts using Luper: Failed to remember to call a person on a particular date? No problem Luper is here. Luper organizes calling list based on weekly and monthly basis.

Luper UILuper UI 2

For example you met a person at a conference. They live in New York and you live in Texas. Using Luper, you add them to the Monthly time loop with a reminder to email them every month. Luper reminds you every month to email that person. Luper even has an email draft ready for you with their email address in the to field.

The UI is color full and starts with big colorful buttons. You can easily set person you want to contact on a particular time by call, text and email. When the date arrives it will pop up a notification and you’ll be prompted to call, text, or email whichever options you set. Luper is available for Android and iOS.

Download Luper for Android

Download Luper for iOS

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