Microsoft Adds Two-Step Verification for Microsoft Account

Microsoft Adds Two-Step Verification for Microsoft Account : Hacking is a common problem for net users. Recently Apple and Dropbox get hacked by hackers. To avoid this Microsoft announced a two step verification process to its accounts. It works as a second layer of authentication to the users.

Two step verification

To enable Two-step authentication you need to have an valid email address and mobile phone number. Windows Phone users can download and install the Microsoft Authenticator App to generate the codes needed for the second verification step. Microsoft also offers an authenticator app for Windows Phone, which allows you to receive the two-step verification code even when offline.

Adding two-step verification to Microsoft accounts is a good step and it is highly recommended to enable it as soon as the feature becomes available. Make sure that your information, email and phone number  is correct, because it requires for further needs like recovery issues.


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