Download Torrents Directly In Google Chrome using Bittorrent Surf

Less luggage more comfort, this quote also suits perfectly with the number of software’s you use in a computer. The fewer number of software’s will create less load on your PC and works faster. For playing movies we use media players, for photo editing Photoshop or its alternatives and for downloading we mostly rely on Torrents. For downloading torrents we have uTorrent or Bittorrent, mostly everyone uses these clients. Want to easily download torrents without using additional software like torrent clients? Use Bittorrent Surf Beta for Firefox and Chrome. The main idea behind BitTorrent Surf is to provide users with an easy to use program to download torrent files. Today it released its beta version. So, Surf is now available to Chrome users. It is a Google Chrome extension available in Chrome Web Store for free.

Bittorrent Surf thetechhacker ui

BitTorrent has been the best way to move media and other data for over a decade.  With BitTorrent Surf, you get all the power of BitTorrent without ever leaving your browser.  And thanks to a powerful integrated search, finding torrents has never been so easy.

Bittorrent Surf for Google Chrome Features

  • Quickly find torrents across multiple search sites.
  • Automatically detect torrent search sites.
  • Get BitTorrent Bundle recommendations directly from BitTorrent.
  • Get media from sites like the Internet Archive directly from your search results, in one click.
  • Torrent health estimates and speed meters help you select and monitor your downloads.

You cannot modify the upload or download bandwidth to Surf, you can the sharing percentage for files you download. When you install the add-on or extension Surf adds a single icon to the browser’s address bar that you can click on to manage your current downloads and search for  new. Surf is not for regular torrent users. It is meant for people who wants flexibility and simplicity.

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