Give Access to Others To Upload To Your Dropbox and Google Drive using CloudWok

Dropbox and Google Drive are most popular cloud services available to store our data online. Some people use more than one cloud storage depending on storage features and the amount of data they own. All cloud storages are available only for personal use; others can’t access your cloud drives so you can’t receive files from friends. If you are planning to use your Dropbox or Google Drive for work collaboration, CloudWok is a life saver for you.

What is CloudWok?

CloudWok is an online tool which allows other to upload files to your personal Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

According to developer CloudWok means

If you want to share files, you should not have to figure out a way to let others upload or send their files to you. CloudWok solves this problem for you: let other people with different or no cloud storage accounts upload files straight into your cloud storage, i.e., into your Dropbox folder, Google Drive folder, or Amazon S3 bucket.


GDrive Permissions

Folder SelectionCloudWok solves your problem. CloudWok supports Box,Amazon, Facebook Albums, Dropbox and Google Drive storages.Using CloudWok, you can give permissions to others to upload files to your Cloud storage account. Visit CloudWok site, and choose your Cloud storage. Next, it asks your permission to gain access. Next, create a folder that your friends will upload files to, friends It will show you a popup with the link to share with buddies. Send this link to others like your friends. On the other side after accepting Terms and Conditions they can proceed to files uploading by drag and drop method or by clicking ‘Add Files’ button. If the recipient refreshes the page, their list of uploads will be lost. Make sure the link is active.


It is idle for.

  • Blogs
  • Music Sharing
  • Exchange Research
  • Digital Businesses


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