How To Take App Backups On Android?

We know the importance of taking a backup, backup saves our data, and we can restore it in needy times. Android devices are not an exception for the data loss situations. Accidentally or by some hardware problems we may loose our precious app data present on the device. Luckily, Google Play store has a ton of backup apps to secure your data in the device. AppWereabbit is one of them, and the app is designed to take a complete backup of your Android device without any effort

AppWererabbit is a useful handy program with tons of features. It is a perfect apps manager in Android. Not only organizes it also backup apps automatically. Unlike other Android backup apps, AppWererabbit follow simple  method to manage and backup your apps. You can manage, share and backup your apps and its data.

AppWererabbit UI1

Key Features:

  • Automatic cleaning when the device is low on internal storage space
  • Backup apps to SD card
  • Support Multiple version backup
  • Share app-links or backed up apps
  • Automatically backup apps on a new installation to a custom folder.
  • Identify apps that support App2SD, and facilitate the moving process
  • Import and Export application list for restoration later
  • Backup apk (allow organization by custom labels)
  • Backup app’s data (ROOT & BusyBox required)
  • Export apk (allow custom backup name)

When sharing apps, you can share links via social media networks or even share backed up files via email, Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. The user interface is simple and clean. If you want to use the auto-backup feature, you need to click on Settings > Basic and enable the Auto backup feature. Overall, it is a very good backup tool and app manager for Android.

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In this article we discussed the free version of the app, there is a paid version available in the Play Store to purchase. It is unclear what the Pro version offers.

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