Access Feeds from your Mac Notification Center using Monotony

Access Feeds from your Mac Notification Center using Monotony: From July 1st Google Reader is shutting down. Tons of Feed Reader apps are emerging from the market. Monotony is one of them but with  a different aspect. It works with your Mac notification center. Whenever a new update is available from your subscribed feed it automatically notifies in Notification center. Monotony is considered as one of the best Google reader replacement for users. It sports a simple user interface and easy to understand.

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Monotony checks your feeds list every minute. Whenever a new update of feed available it pop-up with the title and description of the new post. To read a complete post in your web browser, just click on the notification. It can work with Growl. It is not a complete replacement of your Reader but it is a good app to intimate your new feeds list.

Features of Monotony as per Developer:

  • Monotony is a simple backend to bring your favorite RSS and Atom news feeds to your desktop. It doesn’t have a frontend but presents new feed entries by showing tiny little desktop notifications.
  • There is nothing else. No Google Reader sync, no frontend, no possibility to customize it. Monotony runs as a menubar app or, if you choose, invisible in the background. That’s all.
  • Monotony has been designed to blend with Growl, the desktop notification system, and with the OS X Notification Center.
  • Subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds by entering a feed URL or a website URL. In the latter case, Monotony will look for feeds on that website. If there are several feeds available, Monotony will present them to you for selection.
  • Monotony will refresh subscribed feeds every few minutes (depending on the number of subscribed feeds), presenting all new entries by showing desktop notifications. Monotony will not record or show any new feed entries if it isn’t running at that time, or if the computer is asleep.

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