How To Install Incompatible Apps On Your Android Device

Is your favorite app is incompatible on your Android device? Some apps are visible in the app store but not compatible to install in some Countries. The reason behind this is the App developers can restrict apps to certain countries and devices. Reasons are many, but the end user is not enjoying the essence of the app. I recently faced this situation while installing Spotify app on my device. Unfortunately, the app is not available in my country and the app store shows the incompatible issue. You can easily bypass this situation using rooted Android phone and Market Helper app. This app changes the phone model number and carrier easily to install incompatible apps.

Market Helper

Android devices build with a build.prop file that identifies the model of the device. If you have a rooted Android device, you can edit the build.prop file and make your device appear to be another device entirely. This will allow you to install apps that are marked as compatible with the other device.

Note: This app works only on the Rooted Android device. To know more about Android rooting check our complete tutorials here – Android Rooting Guides

How to use Market Helper?

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Open the app and Select the device and carrier you want to change
  3. Press Activate.
  4. Go to Google Dashboard to update the change
  5. Install any app you want.

That’s it, by following above steps you can easily bypass the incompatible issue from Play Store.

Alternative Method To Install Apps Not Found in the Google Play Store on Your Android

MarketEnable App is another alternative method to install incompatible apps on your Android device. To stop installing unauthorized apps on your device, Google uses your SIM carrier information to check your location and country. This app will spoof the carrier information to the Google and makes your device compatible with the app.

However, this method is no longer existing or functioning. But you can find project site on google code can be found here.

Note: We suggested this method only for testing incompatible apps on your device. We are not liable if any legal actions taken by the developer.

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