Is daily Shut down is necessary for PC?

Is daily Shut down is necessary for PC?: Basically shutting down the computer daily is depending on the necessity of the user. It has its own pros and cons.  Those who are concern about energy saving they can daily shut down the computer.

Pros of Shutting down the computer Daily

Computer consumes a large amount of power depending on its internal parts. Graphics professionals, Gamers use high-end graphic cards to satisfy their needs. Using this kind of peripherals can increase the power consumption of your system.  Shutting down your machine when it isn’t in use will prevent excessive and unnecessary use of power,  wasting less energy and saving you money on your electric bill.

Every machine makes noise. If you use more than three fans in your system it will defiantly make noise. The sounds of fans and unexpected errors during sleeping hours can cause disturbance to your sleep.

Keep your machine away from dust places. When the computer runs the internal fans will start work and attract the dust outside from the cabinet. Dusty fans, graphic cards consumes more power to work. So make your PC clean and dust free.

Cons of Shutting down the computer Daily

The biggest disadvantage of shutting down is restarting the system for work. Every machine takes some time set up internal OS and starts (boot). If you’re a busy workaholic person you have to get everything in order to shut down each night and wait to start up in the morning. This is a waste of time.
Running your computer 24/7 consumes a lot of power. If you have must and should work on the computer daily shut down is not for you. But remember try to avoid wasting resources and saving some money on your electric bill.

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What about Hibernation?

I personally recommend Hibernation. It is always better to put hibernate state when not in use. Power is used to keep the computer’s state in memory, but other parts of the computer are shut down and won’t use any power. It consumes very less power and ready to start where you leave. Hibernation is useful if you’re stepping away from your computer for a small amount of time.

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