Build Cheap Homemade Joystick using Arduino

Build Cheap Homemade Joystick using Arduino: Playing Games is fun. Number of models of Joysticks are available in market. If you want a perfect and good build quality Joystick they are very pricy. You can make your own Joystick using Arduino and simple parts.

Build Cheap Homemade Joystic

BPrint Joystic

An arcade stick is a large-format controller for use with Game consoles or computers. They use the stick-and-button configuration of some arcade cabinets, such as those with particular multi-button. Bartuss made a simple cheap Arduino based Joystick using basic electronic parts. It’s a simple joystick type controller with basic electronic parts and is easy to use even for beginners.

Items used:

wooden stick
Cables,Soldering Iron
One Bamboo Stick
Hot Glue
Two 100k ohm potentiometers

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