Bring Text Expansion to Google Chrome using Popchrom

Bring Text Expansion to Google Chrome using Popchrom: Chrome is a very popular browser all we know. Chrome web store has very useful extensions. One of them is Popchrom. Popchrom is a text expander for Google Chrome.  It allows to create shortcuts for text phrases. Install Popchrom from Chrome web store. It really save time on composing big Emails and texts.

How to use:
1.After installation head to the Tools menu > Extensions and then click on the options button.
2.From here you can enter the text shortcuts of your choice.
3.In options menu after entering your desired text go to any Web service or gmail.
4.Once you type in the short form, just hit “Ctrl + Space”. It automatically changes according to your preferences.

Popchrom options

Download Popchrom Extension for Chrome.


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