Easily Switch Screen Resolutions in Mac’s Retina Display using Pupil

Easily Switch Screen Resolutions in Mac’s Retina Display using Pupil: The problem of changing screen resolutions is raised from the launch of retina displays in Mac. Some people prefer large texts and icon depending on their eye condition. Retina display quality is top notch but if you have eye sight you may don’t like retina display.

Pupil Settings

Changing the screen resolution is normally done by clicking on the Displays pane in OS X system preferences. Number of apps are launched to quickly change the screen resolutions. The latest one is Pupil. Pupil is a nice app works in Mac toolbar. When you click on the icon it displays the list of screen resolutions appears. Choose the resolution you want, and the screen changes. In 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro Pupil offered more than 17 different screen resolutions. Pupil is available for $5.

Download Pupil for Mac.

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