How to Configure DNS Setting to Speed up Web Browsing

How to Configure DNS Setting to Speed up Web Browsing: DNS is a very important aspect of internet. It plays a very big role in turning textual addresses such as into numerical ones such as Most of Internet service providers provide their own DNS server. But it’s not always work best. DNS server really affects your connection speed.

For fastest browsing experience you have set your closest DNS server based on your physical location. Web based third-party services like OpenDNS and Google Public DNS can configure your DNS settings for the best performance. DNS Jumper is a portable application available to download free, it searches and configures best settings to your internet. If you have multiple computers that are connected to the internet via a router, and those systems are configured to pick up their DNS server setting from the router.

How to set up fastest DNS Server connection:
You can easily change tour DNS Settings in Windows in Control panel or you can change with more ease by using DNS Jumper.

DNS Jumper

1. Download DNS Jumper and extract it. It is a portable program no need to install it.
2.Press the Fastest DNS button on the left to check your nearest DNS server.
3.When it’s done click on the Apply DNS button to set the fsatest server.
Sometimes the default DNS settings provided by your ISP works best. Then delete the above program to use your default settings.

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