PicsArt Is A Complete Photo Editing Tool For Android

Photo Editing is usually done in PC. We have plenty of has software’s available for PCs and Mac like Adobe Photoshop and Aperture. Today scenario is totally changed, even Smartphones become another platform for photo editing. Apps like Instagram changed the use of Smartphones in photo editing. PicsArt is Android app which offers a complete set of photo editing tools for your Android phone running 1.6 or above.


The interface is straightforward and full of icons.There are seven options available on the screen, along with a notification bar. Tools button allows you do things like crop, rotate, and resize the image, with extra tools including crop to a particular shape. Another button is available to do additional effects such as Color-splash, Artistic, Paper effects and simple color corrections. Overall, PicsArt Photo Studio gives you a ton of ways to customize your images.

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