How to Set Expiration Dates to Temporarily Shared Google Drive Folders

How to Set Expiration Dates to Temporarily Shared Google Drive Folders: Google Drive is a famous and easy Cloud storage to share folders to others easily. When you share a folder or a file in Google Drive to others, the shared links will stay active forever until you manually change the access permissions. If you forgot to change the link remains forever. Better is to set an expiration date to your shared folders or files for a certain date and time.

After the date and time the links will unavailable. You can easily add expiration date to shared files or folders. Follow these simple steps set time and date.

Steps to Follow:
1.Open this Script and then choose File -> Make a Copy to copy this script into your Google Drive.
2.Add the URL of your shared Google Drive folder and the expiration date in the script (use the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format).
3.Go to Run -> Grant the necessary permissions.
4.Go to Run -> Start and it will create a task that will auto-expire the shared links at the specified time.
5.Now exit the Script page and next it will send you an email notification when the shared links are unavailable.

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