Automatically Silence Your Android Phone Using SmartSilence

Automatically Silence Your Android Phone Using SmartSilence: Sometimes in some conditions it is better to put Phone in silence mode. XDA Forum Member AggieDev has developed a useful app called SmartSilence. SmartSilence is an Android app which automates the phone silent mode based on schedules you set. SmartSilence was designed to be easy to use, with a simple and easy to look at the interface.

SmartSilenceSmartSilence ui

Schedules can be created on days of the week and start-up and stop time-based on your choice. You can also toggle on and off schedules from the app’s main screen, which also shows all the schedules you’ve created, and the start/stop times and selected days that the schedules are set to be active during. SmartSilence is available as Pro and Free versions. Overall, it is a good utility app for Android.

Download SmartSilence.

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