Listen SMS, Calls and App Notifications In Android Using ReadItToMe

Listen to SMS, Calls and App Notifications In Android Using ReadItToMe: If you are a regular listener of Podcasts, Radio and Music, like same way if you want listen your SMS’s, Calls and App Notifications on the go ReadItToMe is for you. Sometimes we are unable to look at the phone at that moment. ReadItToMe is a Android app that can helpful in these situations.

ReadItToMe basic feature is to read information to you. It can read SMS messages and all Whatsapp messages. And also you can reply to SMS with your voice after the message has been read to you. ReadItToMe is available as a free and pro app in XDA Developers Forum.

ReadItToMeReadItToMe app review

Features of  ReadItToMe App

  • Read incoming SMS
  • Read incoming callers name
  • Read incoming notifications from any other apps such as Google Talk or Whatsapp
  • Voice reply for SMS
  • Read always
  • Read only when Bluetooth is connected
  • Read only when headphones are connected
  • Translate text speak before reading ie lol is translated to laugh out loud
  • You can define your own translations of specific words
  • Can reads SMS over music (music volume is turned down and then back up afterwards)
  • Icon in notification bar to show when it is running
  • Fully customizable

Download ReadItToMe.

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