How to Set Google Now As Default Voice Assistant On iPhone

Recently Google released its voice assistant service Google Now. Google Now is launched only for Android, but recently Google released its iOS version. iOS devices come with built-in voice assistant Siri. Siri is a very popular personal assistant on iPhone and iPad. Google and Apple both are very reputed companies. Frequently they improve their products and services. Google Now and Siri are very best at their own levels. For iOS device users, if you want to try Google Now instead of Siri, you can now replace it as the default voice assistant on iPhone. But the device needs to be Jailbroken.

NowNow app thetechhacker

NowNow is a Cydia tweak available for Jailbroken iPhone, which changes the default personal assistant on your phone. Install NowNow app directly on iPhone by visiting the below link. Download and install and activate the app. Now you can set to open Google Now from the home screen button directly. And also you can easily set the number of taps on the home screen required for opening it. It is very useful for older devices that don’t support Siri, you can use NowNow to make Google Now the default voice assistant.

Download NowNow.

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