Automatically Organize Your Photos And Videos Into Albums Using Flayvr

Automatically Organize Your Photos And Videos Into Albums Using Flayvr: Taking pictures is easy but organizing them in an order is time taking process. Default Gallery app in Android is good but some features are missing for power users. Flayvr is an album organizer works for pictures and videos. First, it is available only for iOS, now it is also available for Android.

Flayvr app reviewFlayvr

Flayvr organizes albums according to the dates of photos and videos. Images in an album are displayed as a collage. It allows only one album editing at a time. You can choose any album’s folder from the Settings menu, and arrange them any time you want. Users can edit an album’s title and location information, and also allows to add images to it from other folders on the device. Using Flayvr you can quickly share an entire album publicly or privately by using sharing options on your device.

Download Flayvr For Android.

Download Flayvr For iOS.

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