Automatically Set Google Now Backgrounds As Android Wallpaper

Google Now wallpapers are very famous on Jelly Bean loaded Android devices. Google Now feature is available only for Jelly Bean. What makes those wallpapers awesome? they automatically change based on your current local time. But it is restricted the within the app. Download GoogleNowWallpapers app from Play Store to enjoy beautiful wallpapers on your Android. The app changes wallpapers based on time, day, dusk, dawn and night.

GoogleNowWallpaper app reviewGoogleNowWallpaper

It does not consume much battery despite being a live wallpaper. The app comes with built in 11 wallpapers. The app comes in two variants normal and HD. For normal, the screen resolution is 960×800 and HD 1440×1280. If you are a Google style love this app is for you.

Download GoogleNowWallpaper For Android.

Download GoogleNowWallpaper HD For Android.

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