What Is Cydia Substrate For Android?

Cydia store is very famous among iOS devices. Cydia store is like a best, better and lifesaver alternative of Apple App Store. Cydia provides lots of customization options for iOS devices. Recently Saurik has released Cydia Substrate in the Google Play store. I’m always a fan boy Apple and Cydia store combination. Definitely Cydia Substrate can take a whole new level in the customization options in Android.

Cydia store works only on Jailbroken iOS devices. For Android the device needs to be rooted first. In Rooting the process changes the source code and OS files. But Cydia Substrate doesn’t require any modification of source code and OS. To run any type of extensions to customize your device first you have to install Cydia Substrate package on your device. Substrate requires the access Superuser permission, and during its installation it will add a few files to your device.

Download Cydia Substrate.

Image and Info via idownloadblog.

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