How To Extend Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with 2600 mAh battery. Battery life is good for normal use, but when compared to its features battery is not sufficient. Tempting features of Samsung Galaxy S4 make non stop use of phone day and night. High-powered devices need lots of juice and S4 contains most advanced processor till the date. Saving the battery juice is very important for day use. You can save the battery by following simple steps.

Turn off 3G and 4G connections when not in use:
Data connections need much more juice to search the signal. When signal not in range the phone still searches for signal to connect. Avoid this by disabling the 3G and 4G connections. It will definatly improve your S4 battery life.

Voice control:
Voice control is very useful feature. Using this service you can wake the device, take pictures, and launch S Voice. At the same time, it drains your phone battery life.

Smart Features of S4

Turn Off “Smart” Features:
Smart features(Motion and Gestures, Smart screens, Air view, and Voice control) are fun to use but they eat all your battery. Simpliy Turn off the Smart features by going into Settings->My Device.

Use Wi-Fi Insted of Cell Signal:
When you are in home use Wifi signal, Wifi will always consume much less battery than a cell signal.

Common Tips:
1.Avoid Live Wallpapers.
2.Turn off Auto sync.
3.Turn off Bluetooth and GPS when they aren’t needed.
4.Set minimum sleep time of display(screen timeouts).

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