Get In Touch With Real Time Updates Of News And Shopping With Resultly

Sometimes we forgot to check the news and shopping discounts updates. For iOS devices users it is easy to check their interests of shopping and news using Resultly. Resultly allows you to follow virtually any interest you have from across the internet and be notified in real-time of new information or changes on your interest.

Resultly Resultly UI

How Resultly works

You start by adding an interest. Maybe Google Glass update, PS4 launch, Next Battlefield news. Each interest you add will bring up sub-categories, like what type of news you’re looking for on G-Glass and PS4-lau, the price range you’re looking for on the PS4, etc. And even you can get updates of movies and favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu. The app works really well on categories like Video, Cars, Housing, Finance, Airfares, Job deals and Social. The Resultly app is available now for free in the Apple App Store.

Download Resultly.

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