Easily Jump To Any Registry Location Using Registry Key Jumper

Registry is a major part of Windows operating system.To repair or modify system Registry is essential. If you are looking for a registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Mozilla\Thunderbird\Extension, normally we use Start+R > regedit and we browse there. It is a very long process and takes a lot of time to search. Applications like Registry Key Jumper is really useful in such situations.

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Registry Key Jumper

When the program launched, the application starts running in the background and places a notification icon in system tray for easy access. To open the registry key in the registry editor, just highlight it from the list and click the ‘Jump’ button. You can add some registry key to favorites, this can be useful if you work with the same set of the registry key. And you can easily add, edit and remove keys from the favorites list.Registry Key Jumper is a really useful portable program for Windows.

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Easily Jump to Any Registry Location Using Registry Key Jumper

Every system has its core and this is no different with the Windows Operating System. At its core, there is the registry system. Tech lovers can explain to you how very important this part of Windows is. In short, it’s essential in fixing many of the errors that the Windows system gets. This is done by either repairing or modifying the system.

Drawbacks of the Windows Registry System

Like any other system, it does have its drawbacks. The main annoyance that this system has, is its over-simplistic design. The design is such that one has to open so many folder trees in order to access the desired key.

The easier way to explain this is that moving from one key to the next can take quite some time. A path needs to be followed in order to get to the registry key that needs repairing or modifying. A solution to this problem is through the use of Registry Key Jumper.

Registry Key Jumper; An Easier Way to Jump to Any Registry Location

A program that allows you to easily access the registry keys you need. The way the program works is albeit simple than the option Windows originally provides. Once installed and in use, registry key jumper runs quietly in the background, and a notification icon can be found in the system tray. It’s important to point out that there are some options you have in order to open a selected key. Let’s look at them:

  • You can double click on a key
  • The next option is to select the key and press “Enter.”
  • You can also left click the key and select “Jump.”
  • Using the keyboard shortcut listed below
  • Finally, through the windows system tray. Right-click on the program icon and a quick jump menu will be one of the options available.

Benefits of Using Registry Key Jumper

There are some benefits that you get with Registry Key Jumper apart from being able to easily jump into any registry. First, is that the program ships with some favorite keys already. These keys are some of the ones that are mostly modified by users.

Second, is the ease of adding keys to the favorite category. You can easily do this by copying the registry key to Windows clipboard and pasting it to the program when it’s active. Third is the shortcut for the “jump” process.

It’s Ctrl-Alt-X. All you need to do is highlight and copy the registry key path and use the shortcut to have the program open it. You can also change this shortcut in the “settings.” On top of that, registry jumper can separate the registry key path from highlighted text that might contain it.


Registry Key Jumper is also a portable app, so you can have it with you on your USB and launch it on any other PC. The software is useful and makes dealing with the Windows registry less of a headache. Be warned messing with the registry can lead to some damage on your PC, so go about it with care. Are there other alternatives you have in mind? What do you think of Registry Key Jumper? Let’s know in the comments section below.

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