Share Any Kind Of Files With Twitter And Facebook Using Dropify

Facebook and Twitter are ruling the social networking world. Using Social networking media sharing files have become a lot easier than before. Anyone can share anything with their friends. Normally Facebook and Twitter provide only photo sharing. You can easily share your files in Twitter and Facebook using Dropify. Dropify allows you to send all kinds of files.

Sharing Options

Granting Permissions

To use this service open the Dropify webpage. To share a file just drag and drop the file over the drop area. After uploading your file you can customize its appearance on your Facebook timeline. You can customize file name,publisher name,type and custom file preview photo of the file. After customizing your file click publish at the bottom to share. It asks you to sign in to your Facebook account and grant the permissions to the app. Overall it is a very good file sharing service, try now.

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