View And Post Social Media Updates From Your Email Account With PowerInbox

Social networking media became an essential part of our life. PowerInbox is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer that that integrates with Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, and Yahoo and works as a sidebar in your favorite email service. It lets you keep updated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

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It is a simple extension which works instantly with your email service. After enabling sidebar, you have to choose services by adding apps. In order to use apps, first, you need to authorize it. Once you’ve authorized your accounts to connect with the apps you’ve enabled. Now you can instantly view and post Social media updates without opening an extra tab in your browser.

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View and Post Social Media Updates from Your Email Account with PowerInbox

There is no doubt that social media is now playing a greater role in our lives than it previously did. You’ll always find someone on Facebook or Twitter looking at updates and catching up. When using social media, we always have to open different tabs to keep up to date. On that note, let’s look at something different, Gmail. This email service by Google is by far the most popular email client in the world right now.

As a working person or even a person that uses the internet, you probably spend a part of your day visiting Gmail. What if you combine social media with an email client? You get PowerInbox. A great extension that allows you to keep tabs on your social media accounts right from your inbox. The extension works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

No need to open different tabs to keep an eye on your account. You can simply view them right from your inbox. The app is also integrated with other email clients like Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail/Outlook. It works with many of the popular social media services like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to name a few. Almost forgot, the app doesn’t only allow you to view your accounts, it also allows you to post to your different social media accounts.

Step by Step on How to Use the Extension

Here’s how you can also get to enjoy the extension:

  1. Install the Extension and select “Sidebar”: The installation process will differ depending on the browser that you are using. What you want to do is to install the extension. Once installed, you’ll notice the PowerInbox menu showing up at the top bar of your email client. Click it and select “Sidebar”.
  2. Add the apps, sign in and authorize: You can start adding the apps once the sidebar is enabled. These apps are in lieu of the social media services that you use. One thing you need to note is that once you add the app, you’ll need to sign in and also authorize the app in order to use it.

That’s all that needs to be done. Once authorized, you can enjoy the extension and post updates and keep yourself up to date with what’s happening in your account. You can easily open the sidebar in order to have access to your different accounts. You do have the choice to minimize the sidebar so that it all appears as a single column or maximize it to see the feeds from the apps.


An extra feature that you might like is the “Inbox Icons”. This feature allows the emails from your different accounts to come with the service’s official logo. This way it’s easier to identify the emails form them. Keep in mind that this feature is only limited to the apps and not the emails from your contacts. Now that you know how you can view and post updates from your email account. Do you think you’ll have the restraint to handle that much power? Let’s know in the comments section below.

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