How To Change Fonts On Android Phone

Android offers tons of customization option when compared to iOS and Windows Phone. Customizing Android is fun, not only themes and widgets you can change the font of Android device. By default, you can change the font size but not the font. Font installer is a simple app which installs hundreds of fonts on your Android device. But it will work only on rooted Android phones. Before using this app backup your phone first. To change font, it modifies your Android file system.

Font Installer for changing android fonts Change android font

If you are not satisfied with given free fonts on Font installer server you can install your own copy of TTF file to install on your device. Means it accepts external fonts to install on your device.

To install a TTF file

  1. First copy the font file on your device(/sdcard).
  2. Launch font installer
  3. Tap on the Local tab to open the directory explorer. Locate your TTF file.
  4. Next tap on the TTF file that you want to use. From the popup dialog, tap Install to set it as the default system font.
  5. Give Superuser permissions to install(if asks).
  6. Reboot your device to take changes.

Download Font Installer.

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