QuickPad Is A Best Alternative To Notepad With Additional Options

Windows users normally use notepad for note taking. In notepad the options are limited. Quickpad is a best alternative for notepad with features like encrypting QPF files, customizable UI and much more. The interface is looking like the notepad with simple and minimal style.

QuickPad UI

QuickPad Search

QuickPad supports all types of text files including QPF, INI and TXT. It also supports PasteBin to upload your text directly.Another really helpful feature is Google search.It can be very helpful for quickly search a term in the note.It supports special characters with ease. QuickPad works on Windows XP, Vista,7 and Windows 8.

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Quick Pad; The Best Alternative to Notepad with Additional Options

Notepad is a reliable software in itself, but like anything else it does have its shortcomings. For instance, one of the many limitations it has is the limited options it offers. The good news is that there are many online alternatives to this software. I can’t directly point out “the best alternative to notepad” is this is mostly based on user bias. For now, let’s look at one of the notepad alternatives for windows that is Quick Pad.

Quick Pad; The Best Alternative

If you’re looking for software that’ll provide some noteworthy improvements (no pun intended), then Quickpad is probably the best choice for you. Some of the improvements are such as integrated Google search for highlighted text, document exportation as well as multi-language support. These are just some of the many other improvements that can be found. You can’t be blamed for thinking that you’re still using Notepad as you use this alternative.

This is because the interface and overall design are quite similar, if not the same but with minor differences. From that, we get that you’ll be using a software that is both clean and minimal, a feature that many users tend to appreciate in software.

Features of Quickpad

You’ll also like the fact that the bets notepad replacement can handle many different file formats including TXT, INI, and QPF. Did we mention, you could also export encrypted documents in QPF format. For the programmers, quick pad is great because you can type and write code in any text area of your liking. On top of that, you get to enjoy Pastebin integration. For those that don’t know, Pastebin allows programmers to share or store source code.

Let’s also add the read mode only feature to the benefits. This allows you to open the file in a read-only format, thus saving you from any accidents that can happen due to accidental changes. They can even troubleshoot errors and get help from other members. Another benefit of this notepad alternative is that you get quick navigation controls that allow you to save files, open files and even create new files. In addition, there’s a shortcut for print, cut and copy and paste. You can also insert special characters in your text with ease.

Despite all the improvements, there are some similarities such as the ability to change font sizes and color. Finally, you can also use the F11 hotkey to open the document in full screen to avoid any distractions.


All in all, this software has to be one of the best alternatives to Notepad. Programmers will actually find great use for this application with the multitude of features it offers. The program works on Windows XP and all the iterations of windows after that. Do you know any other notepad alternative? Are you a fan of Quickpad? Which would you say is the best alternative to notepad? Let us know your views and what you think in the comments section below.

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