Track And Measure Your Sleeping Time With Sleep As Android

Smartphones changed our lifestyle by introducing different kinds of apps. In Android, you can even track your sleeping time and deep sleep hours with a simple app called Sleep As Android. Sleep As Android originally evolved as an alarm clock. Later the developers upgraded the app as a sleep tracking app.

Track Sleeping time Measure Sleeping Time
It calculates and tracks how well you sleep during the night. By calculating the time it determines how much of your sleep was considered as deep sleep. The app listens to you in the night when you sleep and record you talking in the sleep,snoring sounds to measure your sleeping habits. It is also used as alarm clock, it will wake you up gently at the best time in the morning with soothing and natural music, puzzle and captcha alarms. To use these awesome features you have to pay $2 or you can avail free trial period for two weeks.

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