Tired of iTunes? Here Are The Best iTunes Alternatives

Apple designed iTunes as a complete dependent program for iOS devices users. To take backup, media file transfer and for software updates, iTunes is the one stop solution. When considering features, iTunes has everything built-in. Starting from file management, it can handle tasks like audio file conversion, and even ebook management. On the other side, the user interface of iTunes looks bit messy and user end with confusion. But luckily we have great iTunes alternatives available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

Many people personally asked me questions like:

  • How can I put music on my iPod without iTunes?
  • How to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes Mac?

If you are like one of those irritated users and looking for great and straightforward iTunes alternatives, this articles is specially written for you.

Why you need iTunes Alternative?

Reasons are many depending on the every user mindset. Many people complain it is hard to navigate and it needs Apple ID for installing apps. In short, we have listed some iTunes negatives below.

  1. Cluttered user interface
  2. Heavy on system resources
  3. Strict need of iTunes ID or Apple Account
  4. Sometimes Laggy
media monkey

MediaMonkey User Interface


MediaMonkey is a great competitor to iTunes. It has a clutter-free user interface, which is a boon to the user. It is a feature rich media player, music library manager and a perfect alternative for iTunes. MedoaMonkey takes only a few minutes to sync to your iOS device. It comes in two versions Standard (Free) and Gold version. Also, it supports wide variety of music formats including AAC, FLAC, MP3 and much more.

Coming to my experience with MediaMonkey, I’m using this program from past two years and it is still in my must have software’s list. It is a robust media management program with excellent features. You can manage your music library like never before; this program can find duplicates and clean out your library. Also, you can find missing metadata information of the music file and also helps in finding album art too. If you are a Windows user, MediaMonkey is a must have media management suite.

Platform Availability: Windows (Free and Paid Subscriptions)

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Download MediaMonkey

Wondershare TunesGo itunes Alternative

2. Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo is a very popular name in this category. It is an all-round performer with almost all features packed. As its name implies, the program is specially designed to manage your media data from PC. It is not necessary to have an iTunes on your PC or Mac to sync your iOS device, Wondershare TunesGo has all the features and even more than iTunes. It is excellent as far as a iOS desktop management goes, a very good alternative to the iTunes and sure to become a favorite of anyone who doesn’t really like iTunes.

Wondershare TunesGo is a paid program available for Mac and Windows. However, the company is providing free trial for both the platforms. The free version has certain limitations where as paid version comes with full functionality and unlimited support from the company.

Platform Availability: Windows and Mac (Free and Paid Subscriptions)

Download Wondershare TunesGo



A simple and lightweight media player and music manager available for both Mac and Windows. It automatically detects media files; you can import iTune library easily to the program. The program can integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Last.fm accounts. If you are addicted to high fancy user interface designs and trendy appearance of the programs, this Ecoute certainly not for you. It has simple and minimalistic user interface and decent features. Undoubtedly it is one of the best alternative to iTunes for Mac.

Platform Availability: Mac (Free)

Download Ecoute

alternative itunes software

4. CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is an iTunes look a like program. The program weighs only 6MB and lightweight on system resources. Coming to functionality, it has almost all features to ditch the iTunes entirely. The program lets you manage your music library, and you can give ratings and stars to the files. It has drag and drop facility to manage your custom Playlists. If you are looking for a lightweight program to manage your iOS devices, CopyTrans will be your first choice.

Platform Availability: Windows (Free and Paid Subscriptions)

Download CopyTrans Manager

SynciOS User Interface


SynciOS is an all in all device manager for iPhone, and other iOS devices. It is a straightforward device manager with an uncluttered user interface. Anyone, even a novice user can handle the data transfer tasks with ease. Starting from backup option to phone to phone data migration, syncing media files, e-books, ringtones, photos and much more. Along with data and device management SyncIOS is also capable of knowing your device information and direct video downloading from net and automatic video file conversion according to device resolution.

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Download SynciOS



If you are looking for an iTunes Alternative for Mac only, then consider Swinsian. It is a dedicated media player and media uploader for iOS devices. For organizing files, it has multiple options. It has a minimal interface with custom arranging files option. Coming to advanced features, it has metadata/ID3 tag editing. It can find duplicate files for you. Also, you can locate and replace the files you want in the player. Swinsian is one of the most clutter-free music player and organizer for Mac.

Download Swinsian

Platform Availablity: Mac (Paid)



iFunbox is a very old and popular program for managing iOS devices. Even I used to manage my first iPad with iFunbox after jailbreak. iFunbox is available for both Mac and Windows platforms for free. Windows version is updated last time on 2015 and Mac is version is on 2013. However, I haven’t experienced any issues while using the program.

Coming to the features of iFunbox, it has fantastic File Browser. Using this program you can access user applications, App File Sharing folder, Camera data, iBooks, Voice memos and even Raw file system of the iOS device. The user interface of the program carries tabs at the top. It has two tabs dedicated for managing data transfer to the iOS devices.

Note: Due to the lack of proper program update frequencies, we moved this program from Top 2 to Top 10 iTunes equivalent for windows list.

Platform Availability: Mac and Windows (Free)

Download iFunbox

Honorable mentions:

MusicBee ,

The article is updated on 01-23-2017.

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