How to Customize The Lock Screen In Windows 8

Windows 8 brings ton of customization option to user interface. The lock screen pattern is completely changed in Windows 8.Lock screen features current time and date, this feature is mainly created for tablet users.You can customize the lock screen more than the default options with portable freeware Lock Screen Customizer.

Lock screen customizer options

Lock screen customizer UI
You can enable a slide show option in the lock screen by selecting the wallpaper saved folders.It offers a simple customization options like

  • Background image
  • Date language
  • Time format (12/24 hours)
  • Color set for sign in screen
  • Add Lock Screen Slideshow with auto changing background images every time you sign in.
  • Enable verbose logon messages (see video below)
  • Disable Lock Screen.

Download Lock Screen Customizer.

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