Read Latest Topic Based News In Browser In Magazine Style With Flipbeets

News reading is a good habit,if you are a die hard fan of Filpboard and missing magazine style reading in PC’s no problem Flipbeets is here. Flipbeets is a web based service works literally on all types of latest devices including laptops and PC’s.It presents news and latest popular articles from most popular sites on the web.Readers can easily read the topics and content based on their Countries and Category’s.


Flipbeets Settings

Content is organized in perfect order like Pinterest style.If you want personalize more,you can sign in with your Facebook account.After signed in, you’ll be able to go to the ‘Settings’ page containing the same menus, but this time you’ll be able to add items to your feed instead of switching between different categories.Each news tile comes with buttons for sharing that particular story on social networks.If you want Flipbeet to display news items from a particular website only, click the gray ribbon right next to the main ‘Flipbeets’ button.So what are you waiting for grab a cup of coffee and open Flipbeets.

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