Manage Your Android Phone From Your Browser With SnapPea Web

SnapPea is a desktop based client for managing Android phone from your desktop. Using this service you can easily send SMS messages,manage your photos and much more. SnapPea recently launched a web-based service to access your phone from your browser. No need to install any desktop client on your PC to use SnapPea.

Web SnapPea UI


We already posted a topic about SnapPea desktop version. But it is limited to only Windows based systems.But if you have a Mac, a Chromebook, or a Linux system previous version is useless.Launching a web-based service gives wings to users to access SnapPea literally any platform. In order to utilize this free service your phone and your browser pair via Wi-Fi though, but both devices only work when they are on the same wifi network. AirDroid also offers same kind of service to Android users.

Visit SnapPea Web

Download SnapPea App (App Unavailable Currently)

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