Make Your Own Style Statement Smartphone Case With Casetagram

Smartphone case is meant for safety, but now a day they are highly customizable style statements for high end smartphone users.It is a style statement for most of us.But finding a perfect case for smartphone is a tough task. Casetagram is a perfect solution for perfect cases. Casetagram offers the ultimate in personalized phone cases for literally every kind of smartphone.

Casetagram Layout Casetagram iPhone5 Instagram Case

Using Casetagram you can design your own case of your choice using your Instagram photos.Open Castagram website, select your device and login with your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Or you can upload photos directly to the Casetagram. The selected photos can be adjusted in any manor. You can enlarge or drag any photo to show exactly the part of the image you want displayed on the case.Once you’re done, you can save it to your account. Or designing is a problem for you, you can browse through a huge collection of stylish and professionally designed cases.It costs $34 for a case and worldwide free delivery is available.

Visit Casetagram.

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