Turn Your Android or iPhone Into Portable Retro Gaming Arcade

If you are a avid game lover and missing those origin of gaming days? By using simple Emulators and Roms you can bring back those retro games in your Android and iOS devices. Here is list of emulators for phone’s and tablet’s that turn your device into a portable gaming arcade.

Basics You Need To Know:
Emulator is a program that allows a personal computer or video game console (cross-console emulation) to emulate a different video game console’s behavior. It allows you to play different kinds of console games on different kinds of portable devices. A ROM is a a copy of a game that exists as a file on your system. Basic formats of ROM’s are bin,cue and ISO.

For iOS Devices:
In order to use emulators on you iOS device it needs to be jailbroken first. We don’t have official emulator apps for iOS devices. Open Cydia store(jailbroken apps store) and search for emulators. Example psx4all, genesis4iPhone, SNES9X, NESoid.

For Android:
For Android surprisingly we have tons of emulators available in Google Play store.

For Sony PlayStation:
FPse is a perfect emulator to play Sony PlayStation games on Android phone. It supports third party controllers like IcontrolPAD, BGP100 and Zeemote.

For Sega Genesis:
RetroArch Android is a good app to play Sega Genesis games on your Android. It also supports Plug and play detection of many USB / Bluetooth game pads.

Also consider AndroGensDroidGEN.

For Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES):
Snes9x EX+ and Tiger Arcade are best choice for SNES games.

For Nintendo Entertainment System (NES):
John NES is a NES/Famicom emulator for Android.

Download ROM’s:
After downloading Emulators on your device it is time to download ROM’s. There are number of sites provides tons of game ROM’s for free. Sites like EmuParadise, PDRoms, FreeRom’s and ROM World provides free ROM’s.


Setup is done, What next?:
Both iOS and Android Emulators generally offer controller support. You can connect PS3 Controller and Wii Classic Controller to your device for convenience. Third-party controllers like Zeemote and iControlPad  specifically designed to work with mobile devices.



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