Top Three Android Keyboards That Help You To Type Faster

Android has tons of customization options including Keyboard. This single feature puts a big step ahead in choosing Android instead of iPhone. Many of us preferring portable devices for all types of communications (emails, messaging, chatting). A good keyboard is necessary to type fastly and correctly on small screens. Keeping main factors in mind I’ve chosen three best keyboards for Android.


1. SwiftKey keyboard

Ranked No#1 app in 38 countries, this app is the best app available in this category. Swiftkey is a keyboard replacement app. Swiftkey can analyze your typing patterns and learn from it, providing you with the most accurate predictive text. It also supports multiple languages. It comes only in paid version, it offers a 30 day trial period. After period is over it automatically locks. You need to purchase the app to unlock.

Developer’s Site.

SwiftKey Keyboard
Price: Free

Swype Keyboard

2. Swype Keyboard

Normally Android users familiar with Swype’s style input method. Swype supports more than 60 languages. You can easily interact with Swype by dragging fingers over keys. It has ability to learn from your writing style in Social media. It is a wonderful app from Nuance Communications, Inc.

Developer’s Site.

Swype Keyboard
Price: $0.99+

Google Keyboard

3. Google Keyboard

Google has released Google Keyboard on the Play Store. It is an official Android keyboard that ships with Nexus devices can now be used on non-Nexus devices. You can use this keyboard by simply installing from Google Play Store. It has built in dictionary for 26 languages. It supports both Android phones and Tablets.

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