Quickly Preview, Archive & Delete New Mail In Firefox With Gmail Notifier

Most of us use notification for email to take a quick look. If you are a Firefox user it is very simple to quickly preview, delete your Gmail notification. Gmail Notifier is a Firefox Firefox add-on, it supports preview multiple accounts in one click. The add-on offers you both desktop and audio notifications.

Gmail Notifier Panel

After installation, you need to sign in to your Gmail account. Click the add-on button and it will take you to the Gmail log in page. After that, next time you click the button, it will open the preview panel. When you receive a new email, click the toolbar button to open the preview panel. In preview panel it show small email view with archive, delete, mark as spam, refresh, and mark as read buttons. It is a very good add-on for Firefox users to easily check Gmail.

Download Gmail Notifier Add-on.



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